zondag 15 augustus 2010

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N(aked) E(uropean) W(alkig) T(our) 2010

7 August 2010
Today I went by train to Austria. It was a pleasant trip and I met some nice people. In Emmerich, just across the Dutch German border I planned to start the trip by train. Due to some work at the track the trains did not run according the schedule, so I decide to drive to Düsseldorf, to catch the train from there. Together with an other victim of Deutshe Bahn (a lady from Holland), we drove to Düsseldorf and had a nice chat about travelling around the world. From there I took the train to Radstadt and had to change in Mannheim, Munich, Salzburg and Bischoffshofen. The trip went quick due to nice accompany from other passengers. The last part was by bus, because of construction work on the track near Radstadt. This bus was fully load with screaming and giggling girls going out. Around 22:00 I reached the b&b and went for a nice sleep.

8 August 2010
After breakfast I took my boots on and grabbed some clothes for a walk. First I head to the centre of Radstadt, where I met some music bands (Garde), to make some traditional music. This weekend was a party weekend, so lot of things to do.

Just undressed

After watching it for a while I decided to climb up the Roßbrand (1770m), via route 462. Since this was my first naked trip in Austria, I was a little insecure and did not know when to start naked. It was a marked track I expected a lot people (having the situation in Holland in my mind), but I was more or less alone. So I dared to took my clothes of and it felt great. I walked up higher and higher. There were some clouds but it was warm enough to be naked, because there was no wind. I went through the foggy part and finally I met the sun! In the meantime a man was climbing up and I spotted him. I got a little scared wrapped my pareo and waited a while. During the climb I passed a well with nice cold water.

At the well

After a short break I headed up to the summit. Up there I was unfortunately not alone, since half Radstadt went up for Fruhshoppen. I watched it from a distance and decided to went down via route 460. I descend to Dachbrunnsattel, where I took a steep track down to Radstadt. The end of the route was just behind my b&b. So a lovely first 5 hour naked walk in Radstadt. In the afternoon I enjoyed a schnitzel and some beers on a terrace and at night I went to the party tent to see the locals celebrating their Fest. Time to sleep.

9 August 2010
Just when I finished breakfast I was picked up by Miguel from Venezuela. Together we went to the railway station where we should meet. We were the first ones and after a while I spotted two persons behind a car packing their backpacks. The girl was waving, so I went there. These two were Anniki from Germany and her boyfriend Connor from Ireland. Both of them were the reporters joining the group. A little later Richard from the UK (living in Germany and the guy who organized the NEWT) showed up with his Border Colly Polly (including a dog rucksack). Number six was Robert from Germany and finally as number seven Brian from the UK arrived.

On the pictures above: Richard, Anniki, Miguel, Connor, Brian, Robert, Roland.

After meeting each other we decided to depart and walked south to the start of our naked trip. Just at the lift of the golf club we took of our clothes. It was quickly done. Just Connor and Anniki were dressing (some) clothes. Since the motto is “as naked as you want” it was no problem at all. So from now we were in our walking dress and it felt comfortable.

What are our plans for today?

Time to talk to each other and to learn more about each other. We climbed up the hill over a kind of a rodel track, to reach the Brandalm around lunchtime. In the meantime Connor also undressed himself totally. Just Anniki staid dressed, since she was the only lady in the group. At the Brandalm we had a lovely lunch and I connected my gas tank wrong to the stove, so I lost all my gas right than.

Lunch at the Brandalm

Time to make some pictures and we continued via Brandkopf, where we had a little stop, to Vorderes Labeneck, our summit for the day at 1832 meter. Here we had a break for a while. The panorama was stunning! All the peaks in the surroundings, up to the Dachstein, were good visible. By the way the weather was fantastic to walk naked in.

Vorderes Labeneck

On Vorderes Labeneck we decided to search for a place to stay the night. The grounds were very wet, so it was not easy to find a nice place. We passed the Eisenhofalm and the owner did not allow us to sleep on his land (since we were naked?), and we had to descend in the wrong direction. After the fence we were allowed to sleep, he say so.

Angry farmer

On our way down, we met some German, who staid in the Labeneckalm and told us about the “angry farmer”. Close to the creek we found a place to camp.

The Germans

Go for some coffee

Not perfect, but good enough. I placed my tent under the trees and had some dinner together. On my menu was Indonesian rice with satay. It became a little chilly and decided to put on my shirt. When the sun went down, it was time to go for a sleep. The night was warm and wet in the tent and I had the idea that I did not sleep at all.

Camp site

Camp site

10 August 2010
A sunny day! We woke up at around 7 AM and it was comfy enough to be naked.

Breaking up the camp

After having breakfast we broke up the camp and started to ascend again to the height of the farm of the “angry farmer”. On the way up, we met the German again and they invited us for a coffee and a fresh milk at the Labeneckalm. They were very open minded and did have no problem with our nudity. It was quite funny. A group of naked men on a coffee break.

Coffee and milk

After making some pics, we went up to the summit of this day. Via Hinteres Labeneck (1986 m), we reached via a steep trail the base of the Stirmskogel.

Hinteres Labeneck

Rest at Hinteres Labeneck

I conquered a part of my vertigo, since I’m not a big fan of abysses we had to pass. I felt quite proud. From the base at 2095 meter it was only a 44 meter climb to the summit. The panorama on the 2139 meter high Stirmskogel was fantastic and we signed the book and stamped our arms.


At the base we had some rest and figured as models for clothed walkers. From here we continued to the Hakopf (1996m), where we had a great view on the Stirmskogel and saw what we had done.

Looking to Stirmskogel from Hakopf

Having some rest

Preparing for the next part of the tour

On the Hakopf we had an other break and decided to go to the Rauchkopfhutte, at the upper station of a ski lift coming from Zaugensee. At that time we realised that we became out of water. Once reached the Rauchkopshutte, there was no possibility to get water.

Robert tapping water

Robert and I offered to go down in direction of Zaugensee to find water. We took two backpacks, all the bottles and some clothes with us to find water. Polly decided to join us. We found a hut under construction. To avoid to upset the workers we get dressed (my first pants since we left). They were friendly and supplied us with water. Since workers usually have beer, we asked them if we could buy some. We got two bottles of radler and we did not need to pay. With this cath we went up again and enjoyed the radler with the rest. In the meantime the tents were built up and I decided to set it under the terrace of the restaurant.

Tent under the terrace

After preparing the tents, it was time to prepare dinner. We sat in front of the hut and cooked our meal (pasta this time for me). During dinner we had an interview from Annika, which was filmed.

Dinner place

The weather started to change and after a while it started raining cats and dogs and a big thunderstorm was crossing the ridge. We sheltered in front of the building waiting for better weather. It took about 45 minutes before we could go back to our tents. Since the terrace was built in a proper way, the tent was dry. Only the ground was wet and there was no possibility to dig a canal to remove the water. Robert decided to move his pop up tent to a pile of shelves. I decided to stay. Miguel, Anniki and Connor found an open door in the hut and decided to stay inside. After a proper look at the map it became dark and it was a good point to go to bed.

11 August 2010
Another nice day and warm enough to start it naked. There was no rain during the night and we could easily break up our camp. In the meantime Anniki interviewed us all separately and Connor took pictures.


Together with the reporter Annikki

The plan was to go to the Tauernkarleitenalm for breakfast. There Anniki and Connor planned to leave the group for some nice days of relaxing.

Walk to the next hut

We reached the alm via Leckriedl and Stubhöhe. At the Tauernkarleitenalm we had a (dressed) fantastic breakfast with fresh cheese and bread.

Breakfast at the hut

Including entetainment

The kids entertained us with their accordions. Nice Alp music in a fantastic scenery. After meal it was time to say goodbye to Anniki and Connor. The rest of the group decided to go to the Südwienerhütte, where it was possible to sleep. The question was which way. Via the steep route over Bärenstaffl or via the valley. We choose the last option. In the valley Robert hide a part of his luggage in a declined hut (tent, mattress and sleeping bag). In the afternoon we reached the Südwienerhütte and booked a bed in the dormitory.


Just before lunch in Südwienerhütte

Brian decided to camp. Here we had a nice lunch and some rest. At the end of the day we planned a little trip up to the house mountain, the Spirzinger (2066m), just behind the hut.


We climbed naked up the mountain and signed the book on the summit as well. Some dark clouds came over, but it stayed dry and no thunderstorm came. From there we decided to go to the neighbouring mountain Spazeck (2065m), since we were close and it was not a big climb.


Once on the Spazeck we were happy that we did not cross via Bärenstaffl. The track was very steep! Back in the hut we had a nice dinner and some beers and a good sleep in the dormitory.

12 August 2010
Today we had to say goodbye to Robert. He had to back to Munich, where he had a birthday party. After breakfast he left with the owner of the hut to the valley.

Robert leaving

The rest decide to go to the Hengst (2016m) on the south side of the hut. The track was nice, but once up it became windy and a little cloudy. The panorama was fantastic and we had a great view on the Pleisingkeil. It was all above the tree line, so the wind was strong. Anyhow we stayed naked and Miguel was just wearing his gloves.

Getting proper dressed for a walk

For a while I also had to wear my wind stopper. During the trip it became a little warmer, so I was able to go on naked again. We had a lunch close to the Wildsee, a little lake in between the mountains. Fantastic view and fantastic flowers!

Fantastic flora

From here Brian wanted to go back via the peaks and left us. Richard, Miguel and I continued our tour and came back via the Hirschwandsteig to the hut. The steig was in the forest, so very comfy and the views over the valley and the Johannes waterfall were stunning.

At the Hirschwandsteig

In the afternoon we reached the hut again. Miguel decided to leave as well and went to Salzburg that afternoon. I took al little walk in direction of the Tauern tunnel and after that we had a nice drink on the terras of the hut. Dinner that night was Bergsteigeressen and was very good. After dinner we sat outside under the clear sky and enjoyed some schnapps. In fact too many. I broke up and went to bed.

13 August 2010
The schnapps of yesterday were too many for me and I did not feel well. After breakfast I decided to go back to Radstadt and walked downhill naked. First I had the plan to walk back, but since I did not feel very well and the workers in the wood were not sure if the road on the map was still existing, I walked down to the Gnadenbrücke to take the bus to Radstadt. On the track I spotted a deer, which was looking at me, but I was too late to make a picture. Once back in Radstadt I walked to my b&b and had some rest. In the afternoon I went some souvenir shopping and had a quick snack at night. To finish the trip I had the plan to join the tour of the “Story teller”, but since it start raining I decided to go to sleep.

14 August 2010
Back home to Holland. At 8:26 AM my train left Radstadt for Munich. Here I changed trains and continued to Düsseldorf, where I found my car again for a trip back to Alkmaar, where I arrived around 8 PM.

The trip was a fantastic experience and a I’m very happy that I decided to sign up. The group was also very nice and very diverse, but with one passion, being naked. I want to thank Richard for his job and the opportunity he gives to us to make such an experience. I would say: go on and up to NEWT2011!

For more info see: WWW.NAKTIV.NET


zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Nude in Amsterdam

On the 18th of July I went with a friend to Amsterdam to shoot some nice pics. These are the results. I hope you enjoy it.

Leidsestraat, Amsterdam

Together with the tramway in the Leidsestaat, Amsterdam

Posting a letter in the Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

On top of the Leidsegracht, Amsterdam

Leisegracht, Amsterdam

Kerkstraat, Asmterdam

Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Max Euweplein, Amsterdam