zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Nude in Amsterdam

On the 18th of July I went with a friend to Amsterdam to shoot some nice pics. These are the results. I hope you enjoy it.

Leidsestraat, Amsterdam

Together with the tramway in the Leidsestaat, Amsterdam

Posting a letter in the Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

On top of the Leidsegracht, Amsterdam

Leisegracht, Amsterdam

Kerkstraat, Asmterdam

Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Kerkstraat, Amsterdam

Max Euweplein, Amsterdam

zondag 11 juli 2010

Naked hike along the Dutch coast

I write this contribution, while I’m inspired by web sites like Since my teens I visit the lovely nude beaches of the Dutch North Sea coast and along the shores of the lakes in the area I live in. Over 25 year I just visit these places to get a sun bath and being able to be nude.

The last two years I got the drive to live my life more and more naked. So I started up in my own house and I also start to join my holidays naked. Luckily my lovely boyfriend likes naturism, but in a more modest way. But he gives me the space. During time of writing of this article we spent our time in the naturist b&b Les Saulaies in France, near Angers. A fantastic and welcoming place for them who loves a quiet and charming naturist place ( )

But as I told you, I got inspired to do more activities nude. Lately I visit one of my favorite nude beaches along the coast, Callantsoog (which is the first official nude beach of the Netherlands (1973)). I started walking and I never realized that the biggest part of the beach was occupied by naked people. This was actually the entire beach between two villages.

Because I signed up for the NEWT 2010, the Naked European Walking Tour (, in Austria, I wanted to do some exercising. The best way would be when nude.

So, I decided to do so and with full equipment I went to the coast and left my clothes in the car. Just with a pareo around my waist I walked to the beach. Although I´m not shy at all, I walked a few hundred meters with pareo and took it finally off. It was my first time being naked on my own in a non nude and public area. It was early in the morning, so almost nobody on the beach.

From there I walked 11 km totally nude along the beach and the few people who saw me, did not react, or maybe looked just a little jealous.

The experience was great. The sea, the sand, the seagulls, the dunes and of course the wind on your naked boy….. Do I need say more?

With this experience in mind I walked in my mind along the coast in the province where I live in, North Holland. I realized that this beach, which is a 50 km (30 miles) long sandy beach, gives the opportunity to walk the biggest part nude. Just at the bigger and more busy villages you have to wrap a pareo or wear some trousers for some hundreds of meters. But I think it won’t be more than 10% of the walk.

My plan now is to do this 50 km hiking nude. On my own, or with others who like the idea. The entire walk will not be done in one day, but part by part. If you like to join, please contact me.
Probably we can make an appointment.

Even in the overcrowded country of the Netherlands, you find places, where you can be one with the nature in the way mother earth intended.